General presentation

Ikerlur, S.L. is a geotechnical consultancy firm founded in 1988 by the Civil Engineer, Ioseba Jugo and the Geologist, Iñaki Ibarbia. Its scope of activity is Geological Engineering and Geotechnics (Rock and soil mechanics and Foundations engineering).

Since its creation, Ikerlur, S.L. has drawn up more than 2,500 studies, reports and projects related to geology and geotechnics applied to civil engineering and building.

Ikerlur, S.L. is an independent company dedicated to providing professional consultancy and engineering services, and it is in no way related to any other engineering or construction firms, laboratories, manufacturers or financial entities.

Our portfolio of clients includes public bodies (local administrations, town councils and provincial and regional governments), architecture and engineering firms, construction companies and other professional service providers (engineers, architects, biologists and archaeologists), amongst others.


Professional Associations

Ikerlur, S.L represented in the following professional associations and bodies: