Ikerlur, S.L has developed some specific applications and has also licenses for the latest versions of the following commercial software for geotechnical calculations:

Soils / rocks mechanics

Slide, Dips, Roclab, Swedge, RocPlane, Unwedge, RocSupport, Phase 2 and Settle 3Ddeveloped by Rocscience. Consol, by VirginiaTech; RockPack III, by C.F. Watts.

Rockfall analysis

RocFall by Rocscience; CRSP by DOT and Colorado Geological Service;Rotomap  by Geosoft International.

Foundations engineering

Dynamic Probing; Loadcap and Paratie by GeoStru; Cype by Cype Ingenieros, etc.


In-Site software from Soil Instruments Ltd. for the transfer and interpretation of inclinometer data; Digiproby Slope Indicator to process and plot inclinometer data.

Geotechnical database management and reporting

gINT by gINTSoftware Bentley Ltd. for the management and reporting of geotechnical data.

Ground penetrating radar data

RADAN by Geophysical Survey Systems to process, analyze, interpret and present ground penetrating radar data (GPR data).