• Geotechnical characterization of the soil
  • Geological hazard studies
  • Exploratory drilling and logging boreholes
  • Geological hazard risks studies
  • Hydrogeological studies

Earth movement studies and slope stability analysis

Ikerlur, S.L. has extensive experience and renown in the characterisation and stability analysis of potentially unstable slopes, whilst drawing up the most suitable corrective measures or ways to reinforce the earth, both from an economic and a safety perspective.

These tasks are commonly carried out in collaboration with public bodies and local administrations, and also with engineering, architecture and construction firms, in order to assess the stability conditions of the earth.

Ikerlur, S.L. get involved both in the detection and cartography of potentially unstable areas, and, once a landslide or detachment has come about, analyses the causes and draws up the most suitable engineering solutions, such as: rockfill buttresses, gravity walls, anchored walls, rockbolts, cablebolts, micropilots and pilots, wire mesh, ditches, rockfall barriers, galleries, drainages, etc.