Ikerlur, S.L. manages the drawing up of construction projects for:

  • Special foundations and underpinnings for structures
  • Stabilisation of unstable excavations, slopes and landslides
  • Retaining structures and reinforcement of excavations in clearances, landfills, slopes and landslide areas
  • Tunnels and underground excavations
  • Earthmoving projects
  • Drainage systems
  • Dumps and landfill sites

Ikerlur, S.L. carries out technical assistance for integrated control of the work, ensuring that the earth conditions are in line with those envisaged in the project, and solving any geotechnical problems which may come about.

Geotechnical assistance is applied, amongst others, to:

  • Excavation and stabilisation of slopes and tunnels
  • Control of landfill
  • Foundations for structures