Detection of earth movements

Inclinometric and extensometric measurements are used to detect the presence of ground movements. With this instrumentation we can evaluate the stability of slopes, landslides and embankments.

  • Supervision of the installation of vertical inclinometers probes followed by a measurement campaign, using a digital biaxial inclinometer system manufactured by Soil Instruments, Ltd.
  • Installation of cable or rod extensometers in boreholes and monitoring

Measurement of interstitial pressures and its variations

  • Installation and control of all types of piezometers in boreholes (standpipe, hydraulic, pneumatic, vibrating wire and solid state piezometers)

Measurement of settlement in embankments and compressible soils

  • Geometric monitoring of embankments with a digital hydrostatic profile gauge
  • Control of settlements using magnetic probe extensometer from Soil Instruments, Ltd.

Measurement of thrust on construction elements

Supervision and control of pressure cell installations (to measure the pressures due to earth thrusts or loads and/or structures) or load cells (to measure the tensions transmitted to the earth and the tension anchor).