Geotechnical studies for building

Since the Technical Building Code (CTE) came into force in 2007, all building projects in Spain must include a geotechnical study drawn up in line with the directives set out in the CTE regarding the number and depth of investigation points, the type and amount of laboratory tests, etc./p>

The Geotechnical study must, according to the nature and the mechanical characteristics of the soil, define the most suitable foundations for the building and the walls, along with the recommended slopes, the hydrological conditions of the parcel, the aggressivity of the earth and groundwater, etc./p>

Ikerlur, S.L. guarantees that its geotechnical studies are of the highest quality. They are electronically reviewed immediately by professional associations prior to their delivery to the client.

Geotechnical studies for road structure and land development

In road structures, Ikerlur, S.L. carries out complete geotechnical studies at construction project level for:

  • Civil works: roads and railways
  • Structures: walls, bridges, tanks, etc.
  • Tunnels and underground excavations
  • Hydraulic works: water supply, sewage, gas pipelines
  • Dams
  • New urban development areas
  • Industrial estates
  • Setting up of dumps and landfill sites